Kookaburra Beast 4.0

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 20,000 Incl. of tax

Professional Quality Unbleached English Willow.

  • Selected and Graded by Kookaburra Master Bat Maker.
  • Mid Sweet Spot- approximately 220 mm from toe.
  • Flat Power Plus Shaped Face.
  • Spine Height 58 to 64mm.
  • Scallop- 4mm to 5mm and 10 to 12 mm of Bow.
  • New Lime “Max” Grip- specially designed for secure grip for top hand and flexibility of players’ grip on bottom.
  • Power drive- 12 Pieces selected cane handle for vital control and power. Round Handle.
  • Kookaburra Pre Prepared” KPP
  • Naturally Dried English Willow for increased performance and durability. “Air Drying” Seasoned.
  • Hand crafted using expert skills of the traditional Bat Maker.
  • Comes with a Free Bat Cover.
  • Kookaburra Authenticity Hologram.
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