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    • A development from last seasons PRO, the 2020/21 bat takes the DC profile and shape to an all-new performance level.
    • With a low swell, large edges, and a forgiving sweet spot, it’s perfect for the player who is looking to make an impact on every shot.
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    • New Balance TC 640+ English Willow Cricket Bat Size Men is done with Grade 4 willow.
    • One of the latest New balance cricket bat model TC 640+ launched by NB company.
    • Lovely black and red hexagon stickers on the bat which really makes it stand out from the rest.
    • Large edges.
    • New Balance TC 640+ bat has high spine which is suitable for the player who likes to play all around the wicket.
    • Minimal concaved edges.
    • 6 piece Singapore cane handle.
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    • Carved from Grade 3 English willow, this is the bat of choice for first class players.
    • Find the gaps and take your chances as you build your innings, scoring all around the wicket.
    • Designed for the Dynamic Cricketer who isn’t afraid of taking risks and reaping the rewards, you’ll feel the ball fly and you connect with the sweet spot.
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    • Grade – SH Grade 1B
    • Handle Spec/Shape – 6 Piece Singapore Cane Semi oval handle
    • Grip – Navy/White/Orange
    • Profile/Shape – Low swell, Large edges and sweet spot
    • Sweet Spot – Mid to Low
    • Face – Semi rounded
    • Toe – Natural
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    • Grade- SH Grade 3 Selected world’s finest English willow hard pressed & traditionally shaped for superb stroke.
    • Full Size with Cover- Comes with a sleek, full length bat cover to protect your bat when not in use.
    • Handle Shape-6 Piece Singapore cane handle for supreme grip and overall bat control.
    • Large Edges & High sweet spot (250mm from the toe of the bat), suitable for players who like to play horizontal bat shots. The higher sweet spot also gives a lighter pick up.
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    • The New Balance DC 740+ Cricket Bats are a treat for the eyes weighing just 2lb 9oz with a mid to low sweet spot.
    • It has very little concaving at the back of the bat ensuring a massive profile.
    • The DC range is for the player who wants power available for every type of shot.
    • A impressive bat from New Balance with 7-8 straight grains and enormous 39mm edges
    • These really are exceptional bats.
    • The blades have been tested for moisture content, it has a Natural burnished finish, Pressed to perfection. We have tested these bats with a mallet and all of them tap up very nicely and the pickup is exceptionally.
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    • New Balance DC 590 English Willow Cricket Bat Size Men are handcrafted down from the raw cleft, making it a truly exclusive product.
    • Traditional full shape profile with almost no concaving.
    • Grade 4 English willow bat.
    • Mid to low sweet spot for front foot shots.
    • If you seek big scores and the confidence to get forward and get value for your shots then this New Balance DC bat is for you.
    • Magnificent rebound quality.
    • Large edges.
    • Enormous driving power.
    • 6 piece Singapore cane handle.
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    • Handle Spec/Shape: 6 Piece Singapore Cane Handle with Grip to hold the bat firmly, without slipping while playing shots.
    • Grip: Blue/Fluo Orange Wave
    • Toe Guard: N/A
    • Profile/Shape: Designed and shaped with large edges and sweet spot for providing maximum acceleration to ball with minimum jarring of the hands and forearms.
    • Ideal For: Teens/Adults.
    • Suitable For: Leather Ball Play.
    • Playing Levels: International Level Matches, Cricket Nets, Club Level Match, School Level Matches.
    • Recommended to play with Leather Balls only after Knocking.
    • We know and understand that buying a bat online can be a bit daunting, so as a cricket specialist you can be assured that our expert pickers will a pick out the best bat available at each grade and price.