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        • -20% Off
           215 Incl. of tax
          • Everlast is a synthetic weatherproof polyurethane ball with the exact weight and size specifications of a regular cricket ball. Everlast also has the replica seam to aid in practice. SOA Technology
          • Bounce and hardness similar to a regular cricket ball
          • Perpetual shape and colour retention
          • Ideal for practice; even in wet conditions
          • Does not damage cricket bat
        • -20% Off
           359 Incl. of tax
          • Prosoft is a poly ball replicated to look like a conventional cricket ball. Prosoft is made with exactly the same dimensions as that of a cricket ball and is ideal for all-weather play with minimal protective gear. The ball is ideal for indoor play.
          • Prominent linen seam like a conventional cricket ball.
          • Perpetual shape retention.