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    Perfectly balanced & light pick up.
    A larger sweet spot for extra power in stork.
    Aero Dynamic bat for the top stroke power.
    BDM Power ARK blade with thick Edges.
    Comes in natural finish Un-bleached Super smooth wax finished.
    12 piece swark cane handle for outstanding feel, flex, and control.

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    • Powerarc blade with contoured edges is used in BDM Dynamic Power Xtreme Bat
    • Bats individually tested to ensure 5 Star performance
    • Excellent Balance and pickup
    • extra swell behind the sweet spot.
    • Fitted with top quality treble sprung multi-piece cane handle for outstanding feel, flex, and control, with unique Shock-Absorption
    • BDM Dynamic Power Xtreme Comes with factory fitted toe guard, free padded bat cover
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    • BDM Aerodynamic cricket bat is made from Naturally Seasoned Superior Grade English Willow Wood.
    • It is handcrafted with an impeccable weight redistribution system to offer great performance with a superb pick.
    • The bat is compressed for outstanding performance and is made from superior grades of unbleached naturally seasoned English Willow.
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    • SS Vintage 2.0 English Willow Cricket Bat Size Men is designed as per cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni bat profile.
    • Hand selected grade 1 willow.
    • With simple beautiful classical stickers.
    • There are five grades in the vintage classic collection and vintage 2.0 is second best grade wise.
    • SS Vintage 2.0 cricket bat is one of the finest qualities english willow bat.
    • The distinctive middle profile positioned for the perfect balance and pick up combined with big edges.
    • Unique blend of power and performance.
    • SS Vintage cricket bat has mid to high sweet spot is ideal for batsman who opens or prefers playing short pitched bowling, and off the back foot.
    • Filled back profile.
    • The curved bottom and bold Sunridges stickers at the back gives it the classic vintage look.
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    • Carved from the finest grade 1 English willow, this is the bat of choice for first class players.
    • Find the gaps and take your chances as you build your innings, scoring all around the wicket.
    • Designed for the Dynamic Cricketer who isn’t afraid of taking risks and reaping the rewards, you’ll feel the ball fly and you connect with the sweet spot.
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    • Grade: (SH Grade 2)
    • Handle Spec/Shape: 6 Piece Singapore Cane
    • Grip: Green/Black/Orange
    • Profile/Shape: Large Edges And Sweet Spot
    • Ideal For: Teens/Adults/Professionals.
    • Suitable For: Leather Ball Play
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    Sweet Spot; approx. 210 to 240mm from toe
    • Edge Thickness; approx. 34mm Plus
    • Edge Profile; round
    • Face Profile; rounded
    • Toe Profile; standard

    ‘Players’ Quality – Specially Selected Unbleached English Willow, Short Handle only

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    • Gray Nicolls Classic GN8 English Willow Cricket Bat Size Men is 2021 model.
    • The classic collection has been created for batsmen dedicated to raising their game.
    • Top grade bat in Gray Nicolls Classic series.
    • Gray Nicolls classic gn8 bat weight will be from 1150-1200g.
    • Classic GN 8 Gray Nicolls bat 2021 model – Latest for current year.
    • With very minimal sticker the bat is of different class.
    • The natural finish with neat grains.
    • A beautiful variety of grades to suit any player and ability.
    • The Classic collection offers players tangible confidence and assurance, giving them an unrivalled presence at the crease.
    • Strike zone: Mid-blade ideally suited for all-round stroke play.
    • Profile: Concave sculpting to give professional pick up and balance.
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    • Natural blade.
    • The low middle favoring front foot play, with a slight duckbill helping remove weight and contributing to a brilliantly light pick-up.
    • The Gray-Nicolls Omega GN7 cricket bat has imposing edges and a pronounced middle.
    • With the alternate green stickers framing the swell on the bat to make it feel almost impossibly big.
    • Country of origin: Made in India.
    • Gray Nicolls Omega GN7 bat size harrow uses oval shape handle.