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        • -42% Off
           347 Incl. of tax
          • Designed to the exact same specifications of WILSON Australian Open, the Tour Premier balls features yellow optivars felt for increased visibility.
          • The maximum unique woven felt fibbers offer ultimate consistency and playability.
          • This ball is suitable for all court surfaces and can be used at both tournament & club level.
          • Pack of 3
        • -40% Off
           299 Incl. of tax
          • The Wilson Championship Tennis Balls the most versatile tennis balls created for any player, for any surface, and for any time play.
          • These tennis balls are tested and approved by the ITF.
          • A versatile ball that performs well for any player at any time.
          • Exclusive wool felt blend that allows for real durability enhancements.
          • Last, the core compound allows for great playability and consistency.
          • Pack of 3
        • -37% Off
           362 Incl. of tax
          • Lively Performance
          • Optimized Speed
          • Extended Longevity
          • Pack of 3
        • -37% Off
           351 Incl. of tax
          • Lively Performance
          • Optimized Speed
          • Extended Longevity
          • Pack of 3
        • -37% Off
           291 Incl. of tax
          • Durable, comfortable and easy to play ball.
          • Made out of extra thick wool felt.
          • Perfect for a quick hit or game on every surface.
          • All-around top performance for Club players and Beginners.
          • Perfect training ball for Tennis pro’s.
          • Bio coloured – easily to see and hit
          • Pack of 3
        • -38% Off
           375 Incl. of tax
          • Babolat French Open Is Now Team All Court
          • ITF Approved,
          • Provides durability, amazing bounce, and plenty of playability
          • High-performance pressurised ball
          • Suitable for All Courts
          • Pack of 3
        • -41% Off
           340 Incl. of tax
          • A high-performance pressurized ball with a great combination of feel and durability.
          • With Babolat’s Extra Duty Felt. This is a popular ball with players of all levels and coaches.
          • Our most popular tennis balls from Babolat, given their really good value.
          • Pack of 3.
        • -46% Off
           300 Incl. of tax
          • The Gold Championship ball is a durable pressurized ball with a good playability for players who are improving their game. ITF-approved.
          • Pack of 3.