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    • The Yonex Badminton Grip AC 102EX 36X1 is crafted for all badminton players as it comes with improved durability and comfort. It has a good gripping power and is highly absorbent against sweat.
    • You can easily hit smashes and ace in your badminton matches.
    • Yonex is a Japanese sports equipment manufacturer that offers racquets, clubs, shoes, shuttlecocks and numerous other equipment.
    • Pack of 60
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    • Disclaimer : The only difference between this over grip with Yonex AC102-36EX over grip is that they are packaged differently
    • Soft Touch
    • Good Sweat Absorbent
    • Non Slip
    • Material: Polyurethane (PU)
    • Width: 25mm
    • Length: 1200mm
    • Thick: 0.6mm
    • Pack of 60.
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    • Wilson Pro Overgrip Sensation is 25% thinner than its original version, offering ultimate feel and excellent tack for its users.
    • The extra thin nature of this overgrip is preferred by players who want to prevent grip size build-up and maintain superb feel with every shot.
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    • Pro Over grip Perforated puts a twist on the classic best-selling over grip by featuring perforations for improved feel, moisture absorption and a greater capacity for quick drying.
    • Players who sweat it out on the court and struggle to maintain a firm grip will find this grip particularly appealing, as it offers a tacky feel and lasts an impressively long time.
    • Color – White
    • Pack of 3
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    The Wilson Pro over grip is a high performance over grip that offers a perfect feel preferred by touring pros such as roger Federer, Justin hemin, and Serena William. The Pro over grip fits all racquets. Usable by players of all skill levels and ages. This version comes with an assorted mixture of colours.

    • In-box Contents: pack of 60 overtrips
    • The Pro over grip fits all Racquet
    • Usable by players of all skill levels and ages
    • Assorted mixture of colours