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    • D-Shape TPE Resistance Tube
    • Adjust the length of the tubing by the small ball || Size : 6x11x1200mm
    • Aids in fat burning, muscle building and body toning || Cushioned foam handles, anti-slip, easy to absorb sweat.
    • SET-UP Instructions Step 1 : Remove the Resistance Cord from the bag and check for shipping damage || Step 2 :Your Resistance Code workout kit is now ready for use.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: You can take your workout anywhere. Ideal for a wide variety of fitness-related uses, including physical therapy, weight loss, Pilates, muscle toning, muscle strengthening, stretching, rehabilitation and general health and fitness.
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    • Suitable for power push up training Comes in compact Design and ergonomic handles for a comfortable and secure grip Let’s you perfect your body shape with daily workout of dips and pushups With daily use you can achieve to narrow the abdomen, hips, chest while strengthening your upper abdomen, chest shoulder and triceps, biceps Comes in pack of two
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    • Consistent high rebound abrasion resistance.
    • Superior aerodynamic, no wobbling in air and reduced water absorption.
    • Excellent form retention, better air retention and excellent durability.
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    • Rubberized moulded ball
    • Excellent for hard & rough surface
    • Instructions : Inflate 4-5 PSI and Insert Needle Vertically
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    • Rubberised Hand Stitched
    • Training Ball
    • Suitable For Hard Grounds
    • Excellent Shape
    • 32 Panels
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    • Advance Patented Technology
    • FIFA Quality Pro
    • Seam Seal Technology and Thread Wound Bladder
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    • High Quality Emboss Finish PU
    • Excellent Soft Feel
    • Thread Wound Bladder
    • 32 panels
    • For Professional Players.
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    • High Quality Rubber Grain Finish
    • For Professional Play
    • Excellent Shape
    • Semi-Deflated Ball With Box Packing
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    • Superior thread hand sewn ball
    • Specially engineered shiny rubber surface and balanced cross weave 4 ply backing
    • Smooth glide, accurate & true flight and high rebound latex bladder
    • Balanced configuration for total ball control, low water uptake
    • High abrasion resistance and IMS level approved