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    The combination of close-to-feather shuttlecock flight performance and four to five times more durability than an ordinary nylon shuttlecock makes the YONEX MAVIS series the most cost-effective choice for practice sessions.

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    • STABLE TRAJECTORY : Accurate Flight Stability Over Distance Under Varying Environmental Conditions
    • DURABLE : Less- Frequent Replacement During Play Than Any Other Ordinary Shuttlecocks .
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    YONEX AS 2 Shuttlecocks are officially recognized shuttle for international tournaments around the globe. These shuttle are first choice as feather shuttlecock for all type of tournaments. YONEX used precision engineering process to develop shuttle so that Badminton players get best quality shuttle every time.

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    • YONEX AEROSENSA shuttlecocks are the official shuttlecock for the world’s leading international tournaments.
    • The precisely engineered technology in every lightweight YONEX feather shuttlecock is extensively checked and tested to guarantee consistent performance.
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    • Made for: Indoor play
    • Pieces per box: 10
    • Weighs around: 66-72 grains
    • Top Quality Shuttlecock
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    • YONEX original rough braided fibre and a special nylon coating provide maximum bite on the shuttle for enhanced hairpin net shots and cuts
    • Colour- Multicolour
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    • Aero bite is a hybrid combo with alternating gauges and coating in the main and cross strings
    • Specifically for hybrid stringing
    • Main core: High intensity multi filament nylon
    • Material: Microfiber
    • Colour -Multicolour
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    • The combination of YONEX original high-intensity nylon multifilament and high-modulus Vectren provides a solid feeling and powerful smash. For hard hitting players.
    • Colour – Multicolour
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    • The BG66UM has a 0.65mm thin gauge and the perfect balance of maximum speed, control, and durability, making it the best choice for the world’s top players.
    • Colour – Multicolour
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    • The 0.70 mm specially braided fibre increases string abrasion durability
    • Provides soft feeling and durability
    • Yonex multifilament features a super-fine diameter for high durability and a soft feel on impact
    • The BG 65’s all-round performance makes it the choice of the world’s top players
    • Color – Multicolour
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    Color- Multicolour

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    • Launched in 1987, Yonex’s best-selling over grip – Super Grap – has sold enough grips to wrap around the world five times.
    • Super Grap (AC102) enhances the playability of your racquet by absorbing shock and moisture to give you outstanding levels of feel and control.
    • Colour – Multicolor