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    • Shrey compressions are engineered to take your performance to the next level.
    • This ground breaking compression technology has been tasted and proven to improve strength and endurance.
    • The range supports key muscles and delivers ultimate flexibility so you can aim higher and train harder than ever before.
    • Superior knit structure for multi-directional stretch and persistent competency.
    • The interior pattern pulls heat away from your skin and super charges your natural cooling system.
    • Pouch for abdo guard.
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    Quantity Reel
    Colour Black/Grey
    Material Co-polyester Monofilament
    Gauge 16
    String Gauge 16
    Length 660 feet / 200m
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    • Wilson Pro Overgrip Sensation is 25% thinner than its original version, offering ultimate feel and excellent tack for its users.
    • The extra thin nature of this overgrip is preferred by players who want to prevent grip size build-up and maintain superb feel with every shot.
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    • Pro Over grip Perforated puts a twist on the classic best-selling over grip by featuring perforations for improved feel, moisture absorption and a greater capacity for quick drying.
    • Players who sweat it out on the court and struggle to maintain a firm grip will find this grip particularly appealing, as it offers a tacky feel and lasts an impressively long time.
    • Color – White
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