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     14,024 Incl. of tax
    • Made from top of the line English Willow
    • Traditionally shaped with excellent pick – up
    • Right choice for players preferring lighter bat
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     8,280 22,000 Incl. of tax
    • Prototype of the MRF brand ambassador’s bat.
    • Carefully selected from premium quality English Willow.
    • Optimum Balance with thick edges and shoulder.
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     35,640 Incl. of tax
    • MRF Genius Chase Master Cricket Bat is a top of the range English Willow cricket bat.
    • It is a professional grade cricket bat.
    • Same profile as used by Virat Kohli.
    • The weight of the Bat is between 2lbs9oz and 2lbs12oz.
    • The distribution is incredible, making the bat feel even extra light for maximum bat speed.
    • The sweet spot on the is in the mid position
    • This bat has immense power in even the toes and shoulders.